31 May 2011 - East Cape Bucket list roosters and more...
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  Mark Rayor
 Author E-mail:  vseasport@aol.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: What a week we have had!
East Cape fishing has been outstanding. Both in
shore and off shore the bite has been full speed.

Doctors told David Wilson he doesn't have much
time and he should perpare his bucket list.
Catching a rooster fish was on that list. I was happy
that we were able to help David cross that one off
the list.

Dave Hellmers of Carlsbad California wanted to
hunt tuna. He was rewarded with a 110 pound tuna.

82 year old Russel Sauer has been coming to East
Cape's Rancho Buena Vista for 45 years straight.
This year, with 2 of his fishing buddies Dave and
Denny, they stayed at Buena Vista Beach Resort.
For 3 days the boys had outstanding marlin fishing
Russel still gets just as excited about battling a
striped marlin as he did 45 years ago
Denny is the new guy on the team. He has only
been visiting the East Cape for 16 years.

We Sighted our first spinner dolphin of the season.
Oh boy! This is going to get good!

Jaccurate just arrived with some new Accurate gear
to field test on the Jen Wren boats.
Stay tuned.

Mark Rayor