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Bridge Gaff size 20/0 Stainless Steel

Bridge Gaff size 20/0 Stainless Steel
Bridge Gaff size 20/0 420 stainless steel welded from double hook and single hook

PRICE: $44.00

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
Jason Wallis Photography
Corporate Headshots Magazine covers Fashion Advertising Campaigns Model Portfolio's and Headshots Family Portraits Weddings
Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


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Big Game Fishing Screen Saver

Big Game Fishing Screen Saver
Marlin screen savers from David Mellor Art are a great addition to any computer work environment.

PRICE: $9.99

6 in. Stainless  Fillet Knife

6 in. Stainless Fillet Knife
American Angler 6 inch stainless steel fillet knife with sheath

PRICE: $6.99

Weighted Bridge Pier Warf Gaff Treble

Weighted Bridge Pier Warf Gaff Treble
Stainless Steel Weighted bridge or pier gaff treble hook

PRICE: $29.99

fishing wanted
 Oct 28, 2004; 04:59AM
 Category:  Help Wanted
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fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
2011 fishing photo contest
A free tackle package to the photo with the most votes
Christina 4 lb's Smallmouth bass
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Christina, 22
My cousin and I both landed 4lb smallmouths at the same time. It w...
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fishing tips and tricks
 Apr 29, 2002; 07:14PM - Lake Cachuma Bass and Trout trolling techniques
 Category:  California Freshwater Lakes
 Author Name:  webmaster
 Author E-mail:  me
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: My first time fishing Lake Cachuma was this last weekend April 27th 2002 and I will let you in on a secret this is a fine lake with great staff excellent fishing and abundant campsites. I was very impressed with the guys at the marina ( Jim and Allen) for giving us great tips for fishing their lake without holding back any information necessary for a first timer to their lake. Right out of the marina he told me to troll straight thru the center of the lake and we would be sure to get bit and he was right. Less than 10 minutes from the launch ramp right where he suggested we caught the first fish a nice largemouth bass about 3-4 lbs and lost the first hook up as we were surprised to get a strike so soon. This fish jumped clear out of the water and fought like a much larger fish than it actually ended up being.
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 2: We released the bass and continued anxious to get to the trout which is what we were after. On the way to the next spot Jim and Allen had given us directions to we saw 4 deer on the shore grazing like they owned the place (which I guess they did) We set our sites on the points jetting out along the far side of the lake about 200 feet offshore. Instantly off one of the points both the reels went off as we were trolling rainbow trout colored Yo-zuri Emperor Minnows and L-Jack series lures on 4 and 6 lb test at a fairly slow troll. First fish fell off but I managed to get mine to the boat and into it for supper that evening. We did a turn around and went right back over the same spot and sure enough another missed opportunity. Back we went again with another 2 strikes managing to get one in the boat for a better meal for the 3 of us eating that night. Back and forth again for nothing and we decided to give the opposite bank a try.
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 3: On the other side of the lake were the serious bass guy's fishing the bow of their sleek boats with the chairs and trolling motor on the bow. We steered clear of them and moved again about 200 feet off the shoreline and continued our trolling pattern slow and parallel to shore. We started noticing the wind more and more as we headed back towards the launch ramp noticing there was only one jacket made it to the boat and it was mine! We again managed to get another rainbow to strike right out of the water it jumped and then a small battle and into the boat it came. We were done now 1 fish each for dinner and one released bass in about 2 hours fishing time. Now it was back to camp to make dinner and get warm. A jacket is a good thing to bring on any lake as the wind always decides to blow in the afternoon. I must tell you that the guy's at the marina tackle shop know their stuff about where the fish are biting and what they are biting on. Without their tips we may have come home empty handed as several others had that day. Good luck if you get a chance to fish Lake Cachuma and be sure to say hello the the great guys at the tackle shop near the launch ramp it may pay off big time for you in the long run.....Fish on! <'))))><

fishing boats and accessories
 Jun 16, 2003; 04:53AM - AnnaCapri Mini Yacht
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  price negotiable
 Name for Contacts:  Taylor Magestic
 Phone:  1-830-899-3389
 City:  Canyon Lake
 State:  Texas
 Country:  United States
Description 1: 1973 27ft.w/ cabin,tower,twin Volvo Pentas i/o, many accs. Trailor twin IBeam Float- On solid aluminum.
Description 2: Better than average condition.Will sell or trade for smaller lake boat.
Description 3: Have 1987 924s Porsche, will consider trade for smaller boat.

fishing reports
 Feb 27, 2006; 10:37AM - Cabo Bite Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:
Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
Feb. 20-26, 2006

WEATHER: We are still stuck with great weather! Our daytime highs have been in the mid 80ís and our nighttime lows have been in the low 60ís, really hard to live with, huh? I feel sorry for all of you who are dealing with freezing cold! We had no rain this week and only a little cloud cover during the middle of the week, mostly sunny skies the rest of the time.
WATER: On the Pacific side of the Cape we have had some fairly large swells with a bit of wind chop on top, not enough to keep anyone from fishing, but enough to make it occasionally uncomfortable. The water near shore has been 68-70 degrees and cooled to 67 degrees at the San Jaime bank. Farther to the west the water warmed right up and at 20 miles farther it warmed right back up to 74 degrees. Immediately south of the Cape we still have a plume of green water but it is a bit warmer than last week at 71-72 degrees. On the Cortez side the water has been fairly consistent at 71-73 degrees but that band of warm water we had approach last week has dissipated and slowly worked itís way back to the east. If you get out to past the 1150 and the Cabrillo Seamount you can get back into the 74 degree water for a little while. The only problem fishing out there has been the surface conditions. We have a fairly strong current running from the northeast along with big swells wrapping around the East Cape and they are meeting the swells coming from the Pacific side making for some bouncy water.
BAIT: There were Mackerel and some Caballito available this week at the normal $2 per bait. I heard that there were some Sardinas at Palmilla but have no idea if they were readily available or how much they were.
BILLFISH: Striped Marlin were the fish of the week this week, but it was not because the fishing was red hot or there were amazing numbers of them being released. Rather it was because there was not a lot else going on! The bite was an on-off happening with one day being great and boats releasing between one and six fish each and the next day the best catch being two fish released while the average was only one Marlin for every four boats. Hard to predict when the bite was going to turn on, you just had to put in the time on the water. The bite was fairly predictable in itís location, however. The band of warm water that ran from the Punta Gorda and southwest across the outer Gorda Bank and across the 1150 seemed to be consistent in holding the fish. Working the near break from the Estelladera area to just west of the 1150 resulted in action on lures in Petrelero and blue-black colors while live bait dropped back had about 25% of the fish hooked.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: Once again it was a slow week for Yellowfin Tuna for the charter fleet. There were scattered Porpoise but most of them had no fish. A few of the private boats willing to make the 40-50 mile trip out past the San Jaime on the Pacific side had some fair luck on fish to 80 pounds when they were able to find the porpoise but since there was no structure to hold the bait or the fish, they were there one day and gone the next. That made for a long run on a crapshoot, but a few of them found floating debris as well and got into the Dorado.
DORADO: There were a few fish found in the 12-20 pound class along the edge of the warm water band on the Sea o Cortez side, but they were scattered fish, not concentrated into schools. My guess would be that there was about a 10% success rate on Dorado this week. As I stated above, there were a few decent catches from boats working the warm water 40 miles west, but the water was bumpy out there and it was not a good trip for anything smaller than 35 feet.
WAHOO: Once again no Wahoo this week. The flags flying were for Sierra.
INSHORE: This is a repeat of last weekís inshore report. Short and not so sweet. The Pargo bite came back on for the Pacific side of the Cape right after the full moon; they are hammering this spawning group pretty hard. On the Cortez side there has been a decent Sierra bite outside the El Tulle area.
NOTES: Hmm, not a lot to say about the fishing this week other than if you were looking for a Marlin you might have had some fair luck. This weeks report was written to the music of Bob Dylan off of the 1964 Columbia release, ďAnother Side of Bob DylanĒ, re-released by CBS on CD in 1989.


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